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Map of Barotseland PHOTO: Gabirro/

Hong Kong – Mar. 27 – Traditional leaders in western Zambia agreed Tuesday to establish an independent state – Barotseland.

The western region – which partially borders Namibia, Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo – has been pressing for a breakaway state from Zambia, in a struggle that left at least two killed and many others arrested.

Leaders of the Barotse National Council have requested for independence on grounds that the union between Zambia and Barotseland did not conform to the Barotse Agreement of 1964 – an agreement which unified the two regions at the time of Zambia’s independence from Britain in October 1964.

Officials from the region’s seven districts have all agreed to the creation of a breakaway state – whose Constitution, flag, currency and emblem have already designed.

The resolutions to establish an independent state were reached during a Barotse National Council caucus in the region’s capital Mongu.

It was also agreed the United Nations get involved in ensuring that an independent state was created in western Zambia.

Legislators from the region and currently serving in Zambia’s national assembly have been asked to step down and help establish Barotseland.

If the resolutions are allowed to stand, Barotseland will become Africa’s newest state after south Sudan seceded from Sudan last year.

Officials from Zambia’s central government were not available for immediate comment.


Zambian President Sata, "Dr Buzaianu’s demand for an apology and compensation is completely groundless and is utterly unacceptable for Zambia." PHOTO: AFP

Hong Kong, Oct. 28 – Zambia’s President Michael Sata has said he has no apologies to make to  Nicolae Buzaianu over the gold scam.

President Sata said Friday he found Buzaianu’s demands unfortunate.

“Dr Buzaianu’s demand for an apology and compensation is completely groundless and is utterly unacceptable for Zambia,” President Sata said.

He said Buzaianu was at liberty to exhaust all legal avenues available to him.

“Infact, we need Dr Buzaianu to come to Zambia and help with investigations. More details that require his clarifcation are coming out hence the need to have him in person,” he said.

On October 15, 2011, the President Sata revoked the appointment of Buzaianu as Zambia’s Permanent Representative to UNESCO in Paris, France.

This was after the President Sata claimed that Buzaianu, an individual who is on the Drug Enforcement  Commission (DEC) watch-list in connection with the gold scam, flew into the country from Geneva, Switzerland aboard a private jet.

Whilst in the country,  Buzaianu met former president Rupiah Banda, his son James Banda and  ex-State House PR aide Dickson Jere.

Buzaianu, has threatened to sue the Zambian government and the country’s media for US$ 100 million over his alleged involvement in gold sale scandal.

Hong Kong Oct.26 – Malawian deputy president, Joyce Banda, has remained in Zambia since Sunday fearing she might be arrested for treason once she returned to Malawi.

Banda was invited to Lusaka by Zambian leader, Michael Sata, to attend that country’s 47th Independence anniversary which fell on Monday October 24.

The Malawian veep was expected to leave Zambia on Tuesday but instead remained in Lusaka on fears she might be arrested and charged with treason and allegedly attempting to overthrow Malawian President Bingu wa Mutharika and his administration.

Malawian vice president Joyce Banda (left) welcomed by her Zambian counterpart, Guy Scott (right) on her arrival in Zambia.

She has denied the allegations linking her to a plot to stage a coup against President Mutharika.

Banda argues the allegations are tramped up charges and a political ploy by Mutharika to silence her politically.

She has decided to stay in Zambia days after Independence celebrations, hoping to seek political asylum in Zambia.

Authorities in Zambia have not denied nor confirmed Banda intend to seek asylum in the neighbouring state.

Zambia and Malawi have been entangled in a diplomatic tussle since Sata, then Zambian opposition leader, was thrown out of Malawi and declared a Prohibited Immigrant by Mutharika’s government.

The Zambian leader recently rejected Mutharika’s invite to attend a COMESA summit until the Malawian leader apologized for deporting him in 2007.

The newly elected Zambia head of state is seen to harbour “soft spot” towards Malawi’s opposition political leaders and Joyce Banda who now heads her own political party.

Zambia is not immune to poverty. Over 60% of the population live on less than US $1 a day. PHOTO:

Hong Kong, Oct. 26 – Zambian leader Michael Sata has opposed intentions by the country’s bakers to increase the price of bread by K500 (US$0.10).

President Sata said Wednesday plans to hike the price of bread by K500 (1ct) were unjustified.

The price of bread in Zambia stands at K3 500 (US$0.71) and widespread poverty in Zambia means that an estimated 64% of the population of 13 million live on less than US$1 per day.

“The plans to increase the price of bread will largely hurt the poor. The poor consumer bears the blunt of such hikes which are not justified. Government will do everything possible to curb exploitation and maintain the price of bread, even if it means authorizing the importation of wheat into the country,” President Sata.

“We, therefore urge all stakeholders in the wheat value chain to exhaust consultations among themselves before taking positions that could undermine consumer interest and that of the industry itself in the long-run.”

He said government would not be blackmailed by any stakeholder in the food chain of essential commodities.

The Zambian Government is currently in dialogue with the Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) and the Bakers Association of Zambia regarding measures meant to eliminate unnecessary cost elements so that the wheat industry becomes more competitive.

President Sata said he expected the bakers association and wheat farmers to reach a reasonable consensus that did not only serve their interests but the consumers.

He has since instructed his Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Emmanuel Chenda, to meet all stakeholders in the wheat industry.

Bread and rice are not regarded as a priority by many low and medium class Zambians who highly depend on corn meal dough as major staple food.

Bakers in Zambia have expressed intentions to increase the price of bread, citing increasing cost of wheat on the international market.

Hong Kong, Oct. 17 Zambia has re-adopted the zero-tolerance stance against corruption, the country’s leader Michael Sata said Monday.

Late president Levy Mwanawasa and the country’s third, was the first Zambian head of state  to launch one of the biggest anti-corruption drives since the country’s independence from Britain in 1964.

Late third president Levy Mwanawasa highly commended for his zero-tolerance to corruption. PHOTO:

The move by Mwanawasa attracted widespread praise from the international community but his critics perceived the crusade as a political manoeuvre aimed at investigating late second president Fredrick Chiluba and officers that served in his 10-year administration.

Zambia’s newly elected leader, Michael Sata said the zero-tolerance stance against corruption adopted by his administration was irreversible.

Late second president Fredrick Chiluba was investigated for corruption. PHOTO:

President Sata reaffirmed his administration’s firm stand on curbing corruption in both the public and private sector.

“During the campaigns we made an undertaking that we shall robustly fight corruption and we shall do just that. The policy of this government is that any person who has aggrieved the Zambian people economically and otherwise, in the past or present, must face the law,” he said.

“Make no mistake about it, because we are resolute on combating corruption and all its offshoots even if it means losing friends,” President Sata said. ”

“We are ready to make that sacrifice for the sake of the Zambian people whom we promised and as a result they gave us the mandate to preside over this country’s affairs.”

President Sata said the law enforcement agencies would investigate any past and present acts of corruption and ensure that the culprits were prosecuted within the due process of the law.

“I’m confident that professionalism and exemplary ethical conduct shall be the bedrock of this process,” President Sata said.

He emphasized that the crusade against corruption would be done without malice or witch-hunt and would be non-selective because he did not believe in selective justice.

Incumbent President Michael Sata recommits to fight corruption in Zambia. PHOTO:

“This government has not made a decision at any level regarding the removal of anybody’s immunity. And nobody has even talked about it either from the party or government’s side. It is therefore, preposterous that some political stakeholders and leaders among us are attempting to frustrate this crusade by throwing innuendos and half-truths on this noble cause,” he said.

“I must repeat that, we are unwavering on this score and nothing other than justice shall prevail. As for those who have expediently decided to side with corruption and the corrupt, we leave it to the Zambian people to see and know them for who they are and what they stand for,” he said.

“A moment ago, we all campaigned on the platform of fighting corruption, so what has changed?”

Hong Kong Oct.16 – 18 people died and 13 others injured in a road accident involving a bus and a copper-laden Tanzania-registered truck in central Zambia, police confirmed.

“The 18 that died were on the bus coming from Mpulungu. The Tanzanian truck was coming from Copperbelt Province,” said Ndandula Siamana, Zambia’s police spokesperson.

Siamana said the bus driver caused the accident by failing to keep to his lane and hit the on-coming truck.

Siamana confirmed the death of 18 people in a road mishap. PHOTO.

The accident happened in Kapiri Mposhi District– about 200 km north of the Zambia capital, Lusaka on Saturday.

And President Michael Sata has learnt with deep sorrow and profound grief, the death of 18 passengers in a road traffic accident which occurred on the Great- North Road when a passenger bus collided with a truck in Mkushi, State House said Sunday.

President Sata offered his deepest condolences to the bereaved families and people of Zambia on the loss of many innocent lives following the accident last Saturday.

“Kindly convey, on behalf of my Cabinet, the First Lady, and indeed on my own behalf, my heartfelt condolences to the families of the people who perished in this regrettable incident,” President Sata said. “As the people of Zambia join the bereaved families in mourning the dead, our hearts also go out to the injured and all those traumatized by this horrific experience. We pray that the Almighty God grants them comfort and strength.”

He wished the bereaved families the console and reassurance of the Lord Jesus Christ in this very trying hour.

Meanwhile, President Sata has urged the police to ensure that law and order is maintained on Zambian roads to curb further losses of innocent lives.

Zambia's ex-leader Rupiah Banda ready to provide answers to the team investigating the allegedly missing gold from Drug Enforcement Commission. PHOTO: zambiawatchdog

Hong Kong, Oct. 16 – Zambia’s ex-president, Rupiah Banda, has issued his first public retort to an arsenal of allegations by his successor, Michael Sata, that his administration ran a corrupt government.

Since stepping down after losing the September 20 vote, Banda has not made any public remark regarding a carte blanche of allegations by President Sata that he was key facilitator of some illegal deals while he served as head of state.

Banda issued a nine-bullet statement Sunday in which he attempted to respond to claims he was involved in a scam  in which some gold mysteriously went missing .

The former president also expressed his willingness to be investigated over the gold scandal, his administrative secretary, Mikatazo Wakumelo said.

Following the numerous allegations made against former Republican President, Mr. Rupiah Bwezani Banda, I wish to make clarifications on the following issues:

  • That Mr. Rupiah Bwezani Banda has a number of friends both in Zambia and outside who have requested to meet him following his gracious exit from the Presidency after the September 20, 2011 elections. Mr. Banda has granted appointments to a number of visitors who have been coming to see him since he left office. To the best of his knowledge, he has not met anyone who is a fugitive.
  • That Dr. Nichola Bogdan Buzaianu, a Swiss-based businessman, requested to pay a visit to the former President during his planned trip to Zambia. Dr. Buzaianu applied to the Zambian authorities for permission to land at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport 48 hours before his trip to Zambia and the Zambian Government granted the landing rights to Dr. Buzaianu who arrived on Wednesday, 12th October, 2011.
  • That a request was made to the Zambian authorities to extend the usual courtesies to Dr. Buzaianu at the airport which was, in fact, done. He was received by a protocol officer at the airport and taken to the VIP lounge while his immigration formalities were done. He did the finger print biometric procedure at the airport before he proceeded to the customs and exited. He spent about one hour and 30 minutes at the airport while doing his formalities.
  • That all relevant security wings were at the airport when Dr. Buzaianu was doing the usual formalities and at no time did he hide his identity. The former President provided vehicles for his visitor to pick him at the airport together with the state security attached to the former President’s office.  President Banda also requested his former press aide Mr. Dickson Jere to receive his guest on his behalf at the airport because his security did not know him.
  • That after leaving the airport, Dr. Buzaianu proceeded to the Taj Pamodzi Hotel where he was booked for an overnight stay and did not hide at all. He later paid a courtesy call on President Banda that same day. During his stay at the hotel, Dr. Buzaianu interacted freely with hotel guests and staff.  If Dr Buzaianu was a fugitive as alleged, he would not have been openly moving around.

    Banda's successor, President Sata claims Zambia's ex-permanent representative to UNESCO Nichola Bogdan Buzaianu bought the gold which mysteriously went missing from DEC. PHOTO: AFP

  • That the following day, Dr. Buzaianu proceeded to Mfuwe to visit the Chipembele Educational Centre, which he has been supporting as a philanthropic cause. Dr. Buzaianu proceeded in the normal way at the airport and paid his airport taxes before he left Kenneth Kaunda International Airport for Mfuwe International Airport. At Mfuwe Airport, Dr. Buzaianu was cleared in the standard manner as prescribed by the provisions of the Immigration and Deportation Act before he went to visit the school. He flew out the same day with airport permits for his flights from Mfuwe.
  • That President Banda welcomes the investigations of the sale of gold by the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC), which has been linked to Dr. Buzaianu. All the relevant people involved in this transaction are available and will provide necessary answers to the investigating team but suffice to say that no gold went missing mysteriously as has been portrayed.
  • That on the issue of purchasing or alleged missing of vehicles, President Banda also welcomes the investigations into this matter as he was not a procurement officer. All the people involved in this matter are around and are still serving even under this administration. So they will provide answers as they are better placed to explain where the missing vehicles are, if at all they are missing.
  • That President Banda is available at any given time to answer to any clarification which the current Head of State Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata may have concerning this matter or indeed any issue before they are made public. He remains committed to supporting the current President in order for him to succeed in running the Government. This is the position President Banda took when he made his farewell speech at State House after losing the last elections.


Mikatazo Wakumelo

Administrative Secretary

Office of the Fourth President

Nooke to hold talks with various stakeholders in Zambia. PHOTO:

Hong Kong, Oct. 13 – Germany Chancellor Angela Merkal has sent her Personal Representative for Africa on a three day visit to Zambia.

Nooke will hold talks with Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda on Friday.

Guenter Nooke will be in Lusaka from October 13 to 15 and is scheduled to meet Zambia’s newly elected leader Michael Sata Wednesday.

The purpose of Nooke’s visit to Zambia is to convey Chancellor Merkel’s congratulatory message to President Sata on his election and seek the new administration’s political objectives.

Nooke is also expected to attend the opening session of Parliament Friday after which he will hold discussions with Civil Society Organisations representatives on various issues including the management of natural mineral resources, the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) and the political perspectives for Zambia after the September 20 elections.

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UK Prime Minister David Cameron "thumbs up" Zambian President Micheal Sata for poll victory.

Hong Kong, Oct. 12 – United Kingdom Prime Minister, David Cameron,  has praised Zambian President Michael Chilufya Sata for his success at the September 20 presidential elections.

Cameron said in a letter dated October 10, 2011, “I write to congratulate you on your success at the presidential elections in Zambia on 20 September. The transparent and peaceful manner in which they were conducted is a major success for democracy in Zambia and is an example to others in the region and across Africa.’’

“The UK and Zambia have a strong bilateral relationship built on deep foundations going back many years, and we are keen to work closely with you. I hope my Minister for Africa, Henry Bellingham, will be able to visit Zambia soon, so that we can begin discussions with you on key areas of co-operation,’’ read Cameron’s letter.

He said, “I hope we can encourage British investment in Zambia, and a greater flow of trade between our two countries. Trade and integration within Africa is also critically important for tackling poverty in the region, and we look forward to supporting you in taking this forward over the next few years. We also hope to continue to work with your Government as a committed development partner to Zambia.’’

Cameron hoped to see the new Zambian Head of State at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Perth, Australia later this month, State House in Lusaka said Wednesday.

Mo Ibrahim to announce this year’s Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership on Monday October 10. PHOTO: Mo Ibrahim Foundation

Hong Kong Oct. 07 – The Mo Ibrahim Foundation will on Monday October 10 launch the fifth Index of African Governance and announce this year’s Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership.

Zambia’s former head of state, Rupiah Banda, is rumored to receive this year’s Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership, after he honorably ceded power to Michael Sata, then opposition leader who won last September’s presidential vote in the southern Africa country.

Banda has received widespread praise for conceding defeat and stepping down at the time when some African leaders were refusing to step aside for legitimately elected leaders.

This year’s event also marks the fifth anniversary of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation.

Established in 2007, the Ibrahim Index is the most comprehensive collection of qualitative and quantitative data that provides an annual assessment of governance performance in every African country.

The Ibrahim Prize is the largest individual award in the world – worth US$5 million over ten years and US$200 000 a year for life.

The Prize, conferred by an independent Prize Committee made up of global figures, is awarded to a former executive Head of State or Government for demonstrating excellence and exceptional leadership.

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