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Nicolae Bogdan Buzaianu suspected to be behind the rebuttal blog posts. PHOTO:

Dhaka, Dec. 29 – A series of blog posts claiming that Switzerland-based businessman Nicolae Bogdan Buzaianu who has been implicated in soured gold deal in Zambia have emerged online.

The posts published on different word press blogs claim Buzaianu has been cleared of his alleged involvement in the gold scam and that Zambian President Michael Sata has since apologized for wrongly implicating the Romanian-born businessman in the procurement of the gold which allegedly went missing from the vaults of the Drug Enforcement Commission under mysterious circumstances.

The blog posts which seem to have been authored by Buzaianu or his close aides are published on a blog with Nicolae Buzaianu’s name as the blog header.

Some of the posts state that Buzaianu is not suing Zambia for defamation or claiming US$100m while others say his appointment as Zambia’s representative to UNESCO was never revoked by Sata but that he voluntarily resigned.

It is not yet clear who is behind this arsenal of rebuttal weblogs being published online – some of which claim to have been issued by State House media unit in Lusaka.

What is clear though is that the posts are intended to disassociate Buzaianu from the gold scam which has sucked up several officials that served in ex-president Rupiah Banda’s three year administration – including Banda himself, his son James, his ex-pr aide Dickson Jere and former first Lady Maureen Mwanawasa.

The rebuttal posts appear under wordpress blogs with names such as michaelsatapresssecretary, thediplomatpress, africasvoice, zambiaamswers and fakes of the post, the watchdog and wiredproject316.

Both Banda and State House have not commented on the blog posts.


Zambian President Sata, "Dr Buzaianu’s demand for an apology and compensation is completely groundless and is utterly unacceptable for Zambia." PHOTO: AFP

Hong Kong, Oct. 28 – Zambia’s President Michael Sata has said he has no apologies to make to  Nicolae Buzaianu over the gold scam.

President Sata said Friday he found Buzaianu’s demands unfortunate.

“Dr Buzaianu’s demand for an apology and compensation is completely groundless and is utterly unacceptable for Zambia,” President Sata said.

He said Buzaianu was at liberty to exhaust all legal avenues available to him.

“Infact, we need Dr Buzaianu to come to Zambia and help with investigations. More details that require his clarifcation are coming out hence the need to have him in person,” he said.

On October 15, 2011, the President Sata revoked the appointment of Buzaianu as Zambia’s Permanent Representative to UNESCO in Paris, France.

This was after the President Sata claimed that Buzaianu, an individual who is on the Drug Enforcement  Commission (DEC) watch-list in connection with the gold scam, flew into the country from Geneva, Switzerland aboard a private jet.

Whilst in the country,  Buzaianu met former president Rupiah Banda, his son James Banda and  ex-State House PR aide Dickson Jere.

Buzaianu, has threatened to sue the Zambian government and the country’s media for US$ 100 million over his alleged involvement in gold sale scandal.

Africa's largest copper producer, Zambia threatened with a US$100 million legal suit by Buzaianu. PHOTO:

Hong Kong, Oct. 26 – Swiss businessman and ex-Zambia’s envoy to UNESCO in Geneva, Nicola Bogdan Buzaianu, has threatened to sue the Zambia’s government and the country’s media over his alleged involvement in a gold scam.

Buzaianu is also demanding US$100 million from the Zambian Government for allegedly defamatory remarks made by President Michael Sata against him.

Buzaianu’s legal representative in Zambia, Sakwiba Sikota said in Lusaka, “his client was offended by the remarks made by President Sata and the reports carried by all the media in Zambia.”

In 2007, Zambia’s Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC)seized 119 kilograms of gold worth over US$7 million at the Lusaka’s Kenneth Kaunda International Airport from Zimbabweans who tried to evade sanctions against Zimbabwe and tried re-export the gold through Zambia.