ZAMBIA: “Westerners” push for independent state

Posted: March 27, 2012 in News
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Map of Barotseland PHOTO: Gabirro/

Hong Kong – Mar. 27 – Traditional leaders in western Zambia agreed Tuesday to establish an independent state – Barotseland.

The western region – which partially borders Namibia, Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo – has been pressing for a breakaway state from Zambia, in a struggle that left at least two killed and many others arrested.

Leaders of the Barotse National Council have requested for independence on grounds that the union between Zambia and Barotseland did not conform to the Barotse Agreement of 1964 – an agreement which unified the two regions at the time of Zambia’s independence from Britain in October 1964.

Officials from the region’s seven districts have all agreed to the creation of a breakaway state – whose Constitution, flag, currency and emblem have already designed.

The resolutions to establish an independent state were reached during a Barotse National Council caucus in the region’s capital Mongu.

It was also agreed the United Nations get involved in ensuring that an independent state was created in western Zambia.

Legislators from the region and currently serving in Zambia’s national assembly have been asked to step down and help establish Barotseland.

If the resolutions are allowed to stand, Barotseland will become Africa’s newest state after south Sudan seceded from Sudan last year.

Officials from Zambia’s central government were not available for immediate comment.


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