ZAMBIA: State House warns of fake Sata emissaries

Posted: November 22, 2011 in News
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State House ready to testify against fraudsters masquerading as President Sata’s representatives. PHOTO:

Hong Kong, Nov. 22 – In the mix of the continued firing and hiring of civil servants by President Michael Sata, some tricksters have found an opportunity to hoodwink the Zambia citizenry by dangling fake job placements in exchange for financial assistance.

The tricksters are claiming to be President Sata’s emissaries and they are soliciting for financial assistance and job placement in both private and state operated firms.

State House has in this vain urged the business community and the Zambian public into be wary of a flurry of tricksters masquerading as agents of President Sata as they solicit for financial assistance and job placements.

“State House wishes to caution any individual or organisation in both the private and public sector approached in the name of the President or any senior State House official to exercise due diligence,” said State House Tuesday.

State House has since called on Zambians to report any such matters to law enforcement agencies.

“State House stands ready to testify in any court case that may be brought against such fraudsters,” read the news release.

  1. Samuel says:

    Regardless of my political affiliation i am very proud of the move President Sata is taking on combating corruption. However, i have a filling that there is still a lot to be done. Sata alone can not be able to manage this change. This calls for all of us Zambians to become patriotic to our country.

    I am just sad of how traders evade tax at the Borders. If you want to hear more of the tricks they are using i will tell you.

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