Hong Kong, Nov. 16 – Zambian President Michael Sata has named a 20-member Technical Committee to draft the new Republican Constitution.

President Sata said in carrying out its functions, the Technical Committee shall refer to all previous Constitutional Review Commissions.

“There are expected to refer to the Chona Constitutional Review Commission, Mvunga Constitutional Review Commission, the 1991 Constitution of Zambia, and the Mwanakatwe Constitutional Review Commission Report and Draft Constitution,” he said.  “The Technical Committee will also review the Mung’omba Constitutional Review Report and Draft Constitution as well as the Zaloumis Electoral Reform Technical Committee Report and the National Constitutional Conference (NCC) Report and Draft Constitution.”

President Sata emphasised that the Technical Committee would review the Mung’omba Draft Constitution and use it as the basis upon to develop the new constitution.

Sata named a 20-member team to draft the new Zambian Constitution. PHOTO: zambianwatchdog.com

He said the Technical Committee was also expected to consult widely and take into account the submissions forwarded.

“They are expected to consult local and international experts on constitutional law and practice, the members of the public at all provincial centres and incorporate in the new national constitution the views of the people as resolved in the provincial constitutional conventions,” said President Sata.

President Sata said the committee was also expected to consult and take into account the submissions of sector groups.

“The Technical Committee shall draft the national constitution based on its findings from the review process and best international constitutional practices and provisions of international conventions on human rights,” the President Sata said. “They shall also draft the Constitution of Zambia Bill to set the commencement date for the new Constitution, deal with transitional and other issues for the effective transition into a new constitutional regime under the Fourth Republic to be enacted by Parliament.”

He said the committee will draw up its programme of work and submit the same to the Secretary to Cabinet within seven days of its first sitting.

President Sata has since directed the committee to submit the whole report to him.

Full Terms of Reference for the Technical Committee  Drafting Zambia’s Constitution.


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