ZAMBIA: Sacked envoy to Canada Nevers Mumba resist recall as he is embroiled in financial impropriety

Posted: November 16, 2011 in News
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Hong Kong, Nov. 16 – Outgoing Zambian envoy to Canada, Nevers Mumba, has been embroiled in a scam involving financial impropriety at the Zambian mission in Toronto, Canada.

Sacked envoy, Nevers Mumba refusing to go back to Zambia. PHOTO:

“Dr Mumba has been resisting his recall but we are now informed that he is coming on a private visit for some political engagements in Zambia,” said Zambian President Michael Sata, “We hope that Dr Mumba’s visit is a self-sponsored one because if not, the state shall recover from him any taxpayer’s money that would be spent on this purely private adventure.”

The Zambian leader has since expressed concern over the allegations of financial irregularities at the Zambian High Commission in Canada.

President Sata said information obtained so far suggested serious financial impropriety at the Zambian mission, which was under the supervision of Nevers Mumba.

He said he had learnt that Mumba intends to travel to Zambia on a private visit soon and hoped the visit would provide the law enforcement agencies an opportunity to engage Mumba on the financial matters at the mission.

Mumba is among the diplomats that have been sacked by President Sata.

  1. Eton Mills says:

    Dear Zambians, I am not very surprised at the actions of the new Zambian president. It is now political routine in the populist new African Democracy extralegally to use the Law and institutions of State to harass actual and potential political opponents. Africa just does not seem to recover from the errors of the past. I think Africa had a promising start with such men as Nyerere and Kaunda but there is no Jubilee to celebrate considering that the continent is still poor of the poor. The mantra of Good Governance, Accountability and Transparency is new but repressive petit bourgeois African politics persists. If it is not Financial Irregularities, it will be something else. Arrests and more arrests – brutal rude African Big Man politics! Please Africa, Stop Police State manners. Democracy is such a joke here on our continent. The Rule of Law, do we even know what it really means? How many times do you have to change the constitution? The presidents don’t know how to speak, how to dress – O so crude, so outlandish in a sophisticated modern world. They are sheepish in deportment and demeanour. We are still in the 60’s and the tribe still comes out for the Big Man with dance and drum. Have you seen Sarkozy? The guy is sleek and articulate, our own do not know what they are going to say next – that is, if they ever make it to the G 20!

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