Malawian veep Joyce Banda seek asylum in Zambia

Posted: October 26, 2011 in News
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Hong Kong Oct.26 – Malawian deputy president, Joyce Banda, has remained in Zambia since Sunday fearing she might be arrested for treason once she returned to Malawi.

Banda was invited to Lusaka by Zambian leader, Michael Sata, to attend that country’s 47th Independence anniversary which fell on Monday October 24.

The Malawian veep was expected to leave Zambia on Tuesday but instead remained in Lusaka on fears she might be arrested and charged with treason and allegedly attempting to overthrow Malawian President Bingu wa Mutharika and his administration.

Malawian vice president Joyce Banda (left) welcomed by her Zambian counterpart, Guy Scott (right) on her arrival in Zambia.

She has denied the allegations linking her to a plot to stage a coup against President Mutharika.

Banda argues the allegations are tramped up charges and a political ploy by Mutharika to silence her politically.

She has decided to stay in Zambia days after Independence celebrations, hoping to seek political asylum in Zambia.

Authorities in Zambia have not denied nor confirmed Banda intend to seek asylum in the neighbouring state.

Zambia and Malawi have been entangled in a diplomatic tussle since Sata, then Zambian opposition leader, was thrown out of Malawi and declared a Prohibited Immigrant by Mutharika’s government.

The Zambian leader recently rejected Mutharika’s invite to attend a COMESA summit until the Malawian leader apologized for deporting him in 2007.

The newly elected Zambia head of state is seen to harbour “soft spot” towards Malawi’s opposition political leaders and Joyce Banda who now heads her own political party.

  1. Joseph Madimbo says:

    I want to ask President of Zambia not to meddle in Malawi politics. This is not the way to win favours from Britain and other European countries. He will find himself shooting his own foot.
    I would also like to ask Malawi Vice president that Zambia might not be a better launch pad for her political battle with her boss. She should sit down to clearly define her goals, roles and future plans for Malawi while in Malawi and not Zambia. Malawi needs Matured and intelligent leaders to attain UN millenium development goals.

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