Hong Kong Oct. 21 – Robert Mugabe’s Information and Publicity Minister Webster Shamu has issued a two paragraph media statement rejecting the killing of ex-Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi as a legitimate means for correcting Africa’s undemocratic regimes.

“Government has closely followed developments unfolding in Libya, especially in the last twenty four hours.

Zimbabwe just cannot accept what has happened in that African country as a legitimate way of correcting systems on the African continent,” read the brief statement issued by Zimbabwe’s Minister for Information and Publicity Webster Shamu’s office late Friday afternoon.

Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe reportedly worried that the death of Gaddafi might shift attention to Harare. PHOTO: thepoke.co.uk

Muammar Gaddafi was killed Thursday after he attempted to flee from his home town of Sirte.

Reports out Harare said Mugabe reportedly reacted to the news of the former Libyan leader’s death by cradling his head in his hands in shock and disbelief.

There is growing concern that the death of Africa’s longest serving leader might shift attention to Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, whom his critics have labelled enemy of democracy and human rights.

The slain Libyan leader was expected to be  buried Friday in accordance with Islamic tradition but his burial might take longer than 24 hours depending on how long  it takes to examine circumstances of his death.

  1. Benetria says:

    All other african leaders are quiet. Shame on you! You feasted with gaddafi and laughed with him. Yet u don’t have the decency of even asking for his body. You are busy licking the boots of these assailants. Its murder. They have killed our prophets and they put our leaders behind bars because of africa,s wealth. Its de javu! Scramble for africa’s resources. Leave us alone you murderers. Africa knows how to respect human life. U barbarians.

  2. BRA KOP says:

    I don’t think minister Shamu was listening to himself when he said ‘illegitimate way of correcting systems on the African continent’. What then does he call legitimate? The unleashing of missiles on your own people, the calling of your own people ‘rats’, the torturing of any of your own people who do not belong to your school of thoughts….. is this what should be lebelled as legitimate? Where was minister Shamu when Gaddaffi was inflicting pain on his own people? Where was his mouth that he couldn’t say a word? ….birds of the same feathers always flock together!!!! This is a lesson to every dictator on the African continent, BETTER LEAVE THE OFFICE WHILE PEOPLE STILL RESPECT YOU THAT YOU MAY HAVE A DISSENT ENDING OR YOU DIE LIKE A RAT, IN TANNELS.

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