Global Science Conference Opens in Doha

Posted: June 27, 2011 in News

Sanday Chongo Kabange in DOHA, Qatar

The 7th World Conference of Science Journalists has opened in Doha, Qatar with delegates being challenged to use information to create knowledge and turn developing nations into developed ones.

World Conference of Science Journalist

A banner at the entrance of the 2011 WCSJ venue in Doha, Qatar. PHOTO: Sanday Chongo Kabange

Over 600 science journalists and line experts from around the world have convrged in the Gulf state of Qatar for the World Conference of Science Journalists 2011.

In an inspirational address to the gathering, Egyptian-born chemist who won the Noble Prize for Chemistry in 1999 for developing a rapid laser technique that enabled scientists to study the action of atoms during chemial reactions, Ahmed Zewail, challenged journalists to extensively report on science as a tool that can turn devloiping nations into developed ones.

“We are good at collecting information; the challenge is to use that information to create new knowledege. Information doesn’t make useful knowledege by just collecting it. We can penetrate information to make useful knowledge,” said Zewail.

He expressed regret at the level of entertainment programmes on many broadcasters that sufficate educational programmes.

Zewail said, “There is so much entertainment at the expense of education and dispatch at the expense of of depth. We need to encourage education because that builds a strong foundation for development.

The WCSJ 2011 will run from June 26-29 and will have a wide representation from African media practitioners and journalists that either specialise in science journalism or head science or health related media associations.


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