Stars in Concert – Not really my money’s worth

Posted: February 18, 2011 in News
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Sanday Chongo Kabange in BERLIN, Germany

Berlin’s Estrel Festival Centre brings a lot of memories and excitement for Rock and Roll fanatics of all ages when some of the world’s impersonators dawn the stage to perform mimic hits from mega stars like Elvis Presley, Cher, Little Richard, Tom Jones and Dusty Springfield.

The night of February 17, 2011 provided an exquisite array of performances by various impersonators that included those of Dusty Springfield and The Blues Brothers.

The fun-packed evening event kept some 500 spectators to their feet as they enjoyed every moment of the show.
I however, found some of the performances rather clumsy and childish.

Despite their resembling outfits and humor, The Blues Brothers kept meandering into the audience in search of a hot hook – of course nice, sexy ladies were in heavy attendance.

The other thing that was a let down for me, was the fact that I could not realize Cher was performing. It had to take her perform the world famous “I Believe” hit for me to realize she was Cher. Similar sentiments were shared by my comrade, Bosco from Rwanda.

Maybe next time a much more thrilling show should be lined up. Otherwise, the “Stars in Concert” is one event you would like to try out next time you are in Berlin. Just get ready to part away with a few Euros for a beer or light wine. Tickets are very affordable.


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